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Re: Trying to install/make on Win32. . . unsuccesfully:(

        Hi, all V users.

> Hi, I had the same problem. I'm using NT 4.0. At home where I have Win95
> every thing works just fine. The solution isn't that elegant but it works !
> The object file of vstartup.o must be the first one to be linked so in each
> makefile you have to make a litlle change.
> After specifing the output file (and may some other flags like debug info
> etc) you have to put this string: '/V/obj/gnuwin32/vstartup.o' and then
> continue with all your object files, lib directory specifiers and the
> libraries.

I also have the same problem, but for me this solution doesn't work.  More
prescisely, if I add "/V/obj/gnuwin32/vstartup.o" at the begining of the
list of object files, then the compilation completes normally, but the
application ("vgen.exe", for exemple) crashes in run time.  So I am still
using V1.20:-((

Does anybody have any suggestions??

My platform is Cygwin B20.1 under Win98(French version).

BTW, version 1.20 of V doesn't have any problem of such kind and worked fine
without adding "/V/obj/gnuwin32/vstartup.o" to makefiles.  What went wrong
in V1.21???  Does anybody understand???  May be You, Mr. Wampler???

Best regards,
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