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Re: ...STL

"Bruce E. Wampler" wrote:

>Maybe the thing to try would be adding the string forms of methods that
>take char* now for the 2.0 release, and abandon old compilers for 2.0.
>By keeping both forms, most V apps would remain upward compatible.
>Maybe the other solution would be to have CommandObjectStr forms of
>everything, too. Shouldn't be hard to then convert char* to string
>or the other way around.

The first step seems to be easy with the right const handling, I mean

void Notice(const char* msg);
void Notice(const string& str) {Notice(str.c_str());}

The other solution (with Command ObjectStr) isn't that simple, I guess.
But it would be nice to use the full power of C++, and nice to know
your plans about that. And take part in design, maybe...

best regards, Nikolay

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