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Re: Windows & local text

Complete internationalization is a real weakness of V, I'm sorry to say.

There are several "standard" V dialogs, such as vYNReplyDialog, that use
regular V objects to build  themselves. I think Yes, No, and Cancel are about
the only text they use.

The only "easy" solution I can think of would be to build separate
versions of the library for different languaages, and have #ifdefs in
the dialog code for each language. Admittedly it would be easier to
use standard Windows values, but I can't think of how to do this easily.
And how to use it on X as well.

I would be happy to add translations to the appropriate source code for
the dialogs in question on a as provided basis.

"Przemys³aw G. Gawroñski" wrote:
> Hello V users
> How can I localize the text displayed in dialogs like vYNReplyDialog ?
> Since Windows has it's own standard labels for buttons lik 'Yes', 'No'
> etc.
> It would be nice (for the windows version) to get these strings
> automaticaly by the library.
> Maybe there is a flag for that or some kind of setting that I don't know
> about or do I have to create a new dialog for my use ?
> Thanks Przemek
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