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Re: [revision 2001-04-16] SPI membership page process definition

* Nils Lohner <lohner@ecf.teradyne.com> [20010416 21:41]:
> - non-contributing memberships should be automagically granted with a 
>   valid email address (somewhat like the list subscription

Do they really need an email address.  I'd prefer just a listing on
the web site.

> - if enough info, he's approved, pgp key is required for voting etc.

He should answer the confirmation GPG signed so we know he controls
the GPG key.

> DB Fields needed:
> name

firstname, secondname


type of member ("Members may be individuals or organizations")

If organization: name of org

> PGP key

just the key ID

> ..date of approval/rejection for contrib membership

... or renewal ... so we can ping them every 2 (or 3) years

> contrib_membership (becomes valid when confirmed by membership ctte)
> non_contrib_membership (becomes valid when the email addr is confirmed)

these 2 should be: type of membership

Martin Michlmayr

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