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Re: [DRAFT 3]: Charter for the Open Source Committee

Ean R . Schuessler writes:
 > On Sun, Nov 07, 1999 at 10:31:34AM -0500, Russell Nelson wrote:
 > > Ian has been handling it, but I had some questions of my own.  To wit:
 > > Why has the domain name not already been transferred?

 > The fact that we possess something that you want is an issue that
 > ultimately can only be blamed on the way that your fellow board
 > members comported themselves with the SPI community.

Please consider that we also have had a serious board turn-over since
then.  Of that initial board to which you refer, only one (1) person
is still a member (Ian) -- and he's the person whom you supposedly
respect.  We've added Chip, Brian, Peter, and myself, and in the
meantime, SPI has sat on its duff and done nothing to promote Open
Source while we've done all the work.  We're the ones who figured out
that "Open Source" isn't protectable.  We're the ones who've certified
licenses.  We're the ones who have been telling people about the
benefits of Open Source certification.

At this point, SPI looks to me like the usurper of our good name and
work.  I don't see how your proposed palace coup is fair to those of
us who are not responsible for this debacle.  But as you say, what you
see depends on where you sit.  If someone were to ask me what the
proper course of action is, given your and my attitude (not that our
respective boards necessarily agree with us), I'd say that it should
go to an independent arbitrator.  The alternative would seem to be
more of the same bickering and strife.

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