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Re: [DRAFT 3]: Charter for the Open Source Committee

On Mon, 8 Nov 1999, Russell Nelson wrote:

> Ean R . Schuessler writes:
> then.  Of that initial board to which you refer, only one (1) person
> is still a member (Ian) -- and he's the person whom you supposedly
    www.opensource.org/board.html still lists ESR as a board member.  Is
he not one any longer?

> respect.  We've added Chip, Brian, Peter, and myself, and in the
> meantime, SPI has sat on its duff and done nothing to promote Open
> Source while we've done all the work.

    Actually, they've devised a nice, democratic system of membership.
Speaking of which, when will we get to start applying for membership?
>  We're the ones who figured out
> that "Open Source" isn't protectable.
    You're the ones who decided "Open Source" isn't protectable.  Whether
or not it is is another matter.  And one that, I hope, would be part of
the decision as to whether to totally hand over control of the
opensource.org domain.

>  We're the ones who've certified
> licenses.  We're the ones who have been telling people about the
> benefits of Open Source certification.
> At this point, SPI looks to me like the usurper of our good name and
> work.  I don't see how your proposed palace coup is fair to those of
> us who are not responsible for this debacle.
    Seems to me the "coup" is actually a long-standing disagreement.  


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