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Re: Action: 2002-02-25-2: testing timelines.

The issues that the certification authority will be circulating
need the attention of the LSB specification owners (the
Specification Authority -SA) , hence IMHO
it should be lsb-spec or lsb-confcall or some new group
setup with a subset of both to provide binding rulings (interpretations)
of what the  specification means.

lsb-test may be the correct folks for the test suite maintenance role
(TSMA) although its unclear that we can guarantee patches and fixes
for test suites in a timely manner.


On Feb 26,  8:59am in "Action: 2002-02-25-2", George Kraft IV wrote:
> >Action: 2002-02-25-2 George Kraft to give feedback from the LSB
> >Specification team about the timelines.
> The certification has outlined the duties to resolving issues.  The question
> can the LSB test team (lsb-compliance@lists.sourceforge.net) handle the email
> submissions in the time specified by the certification program?
> "A preliminary review will be performed and an initial response provided to
> applicant within 5 business days of Problem Report submission. This stage
> allows simple problems to be dealt with expeditiously. A detailed review will
> undertaken for issues that are more complicated or when the preliminary
> review does not resolve the issue. Final resolution will be provided within
> additional 10 business days."
> "In most cases, 15 business days is sufficient to provide a final Problem
> resolution. However, in exceptional circumstances, final resolution may take
> longer. If possible, the PR will be addressed sufficiently within the 15
> business days to allow the certification process to proceed pending final
> resolution."
> Personally, I think these are reasonable objectives for the LSB; however, we
> not have the committed resources.  Today, Andrew, Chris, Doug, & Kevin
> on an as needed basis when time permits.  Unfortunately, that will be
> sufficient.
> So, is the above objective reasonable?  If so, then we will create the action
> item to work on committed resources.
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