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Action: 2002-02-25-2: testing timelines.

>Action: 2002-02-25-2 George Kraft to give feedback from the LSB
>Specification team about the timelines.

The certification has outlined the duties to resolving issues.  The question is,
can the LSB test team (lsb-compliance@lists.sourceforge.net) handle the email
submissions in the time specified by the certification program?

"A preliminary review will be performed and an initial response provided to the
applicant within 5 business days of Problem Report submission. This stage
allows simple problems to be dealt with expeditiously. A detailed review will be
undertaken for issues that are more complicated or when the preliminary
review does not resolve the issue. Final resolution will be provided within an
additional 10 business days."

"In most cases, 15 business days is sufficient to provide a final Problem Report
resolution. However, in exceptional circumstances, final resolution may take
longer. If possible, the PR will be addressed sufficiently within the 15
business days to allow the certification process to proceed pending final

Personally, I think these are reasonable objectives for the LSB; however, we do
not have the committed resources.  Today, Andrew, Chris, Doug, & Kevin respond
on an as needed basis when time permits.  Unfortunately, that will be

So, is the above objective reasonable?  If so, then we will create the action
item to work on committed resources.

George Kraft IV

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