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Re: LSB Test Suite 1.1 Document

On Wed, Jan 09, Christopher Yeoh wrote:

> > T.nftw-14 works for me, dito for T.nftw_L-4
> They failed the same way on all the distributions but its possible we
> had a test setup problem when running the test suites.  I'll look into
> these further.

I have a patch from Uli Drepper for this.

> > I think we should not have tests on the list which are fixed in the
> > upstream software, distributors should fix their version.
> This is something that should be discussed on the LSB call this week.
> Are the fixes in released (not CVS snapshot) versions of glibc?

No, they are all in the CVS version (most in the glibc 2.2 branch).
We work hard to get Uli Drepper to release glibc 2.2.5. But there is
a patched glibc version in my directory on ftp.suse.com (as I already
wrote on this list). Since nearly no Linux Distributor uses a plain
release and the patches are all really small, I don't see a problem
that Linux distributors add them to their next release.


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