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Re: possible test setup problem (LSB-OS)

Andrew Josey writes:
> is specified by XSH5.  I.e. they all have an "[8]" next to them in the
> tables in chapter 10. (Actually, that's not quite true - some, such as
> mkfifo(), have a "[4]" - but I assume that's because the LSB specifies
> additional requirements in those cases.)  In the particular case of the
> PATH_MAX value, the LSB spec says that pathconf() behaves as specified
> in XSH5, which means the value for PATH_MAX returned by pathconf(path,
> _PC_PATH_MAX) must include the null terminator.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks. I think we can get this fixed in the kernel (which should flow
down to glibc as well).

IBM OzLabs Linux Development Group
Canberra, Australia

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