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possible test setup problem (LSB-OS)

Hi Andrew,

I have a question regarding TEST_XPG and perhaps it being set wrong
for our test runs. For the test /tset/LSB.os/ipc/ftok_L/T.ftok_L-7 we
get an error like this on different platforms and distributions:

A call to ftok() with path name too long did not fail
Expected Return: -1, errno ENAMETOOLONG
Actual Return: -16524275, errno 2(ENOENT)

While initially this looks like an implementation problem, tracing
through the test it is testing a string of length PATH_MAX (including
the null byte) expecting it to fail, while on linux PATH_MAX is set to
the length excluding the null byte. From

		 * POSIX.1 allows PATH_MAX either to include or exclude
		 * the null byte, so we have to test PATH_MAX-1 for success
		 * and PATH_MAX+1 for failure (both excluding the null)
		 * in POSIX and XPG3 modes.  XPG4 says PATH_MAX includes
		 * the null byte, so test PATH_MAX-1 for success and
		 * PATH_MAX for failure in XPG4 mode.

		len2 = len1;
#if !(TEST_XPG > 3)

So my question comes down to what XPG mode should we be running in,
and if its wrong how do we change it?


IBM OzLabs Linux Development Group
Canberra, Australia

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