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Re: Announcing the LSB-OS test suite beta

What are the specific "appropriate configurations" of Red Hat and Debian
unsupported releases which you ran your tests against?  

The LSB packaging taskforces will need this information soon for our
reference implementations on those distributions.

Would logging the packages installed be possible at the start of your test
runs?  The commands to do so are package manager specific, but a simple "if
[ -x /usr/bin/dpkg ]" should be enough to select amoung them for the short

For Debian releases: running 
	dpkg --get-selections
will grab a snapshot of the installed modules.

For RedHat releases: 
	rpm -qa
will do the same.

Much more focused lists could be generated by looking for the packages that
contain the commands and ABI entities needed, but the tool(s) to do that
have not been (completely) written yet.


Andrew Josey wrote:
> Dear All,
> The LSB-OS 0.7beta deliverable was made today.
> This is an additional testset for further API coverage
> in support of the Linux Standard Base.
> The deliverables are available for download from
> http://www.linuxbase.org/test/lsbtestnews.html
> LSB-OS 0.7beta  is the first beta release of this test suite.
> LSB-OS is built using the VSXgen (the generic VSX test framework), and
> contains additional tests for operating system interfaces within the
> Linux Standard Base.  This test suite has not yet been adopted by the
> Linux Standard Base team and no claims should be made of LSB conformance
> to this version of the test suite.  The test assertions being tested
> are available from http://www.linuxbase.org/test/lsb-os/ .
> These tests have been targeted at Linux systems running the 2.4 kernel
> and glibc 2.2, and they have been run on Red Hat and Debian unsupported
> releases with the appropriate configuration.  The procedure to run the
> tests is documented in the lsb-os-beta.txt file that comes with the
> release bundle.
> The LSB.OS test set includes test coverage for the following interfaces:
> -  X/Open UNIX 98 Extensions to fork, exec, kill
> -  Directory routines/files: dev_null,dev_tty,seekdir,telldir
> -  Process environment interfaces: chroot, cuserid, nice, putenv, ulimit
> -  SVID IPC : msgctl, msgget, msgrcv, msgsnd,semctl, semget, semop,
>    shmat, shmctl, shmdt, shmget, ftok
> -  Stream related interfaces: fgetpos, fsetpos
> -  Time related interfaces: clock difftime strptime
> -  Multibyte: mblen mbstowcs mbtowc memmove wcstombs wctomb
> -  POSIX.2 c-language binding: fnmatch glob wordexp getopt system popen pclose
> -  Dynamic linking tests: dlopen, dlclose, dlerror
> -  Asynchronous I/O: aio_cancel, aio_error, aio_fsync, aio_read, aio_return
>    aio_suspend, aio_write, lio_listio
> -  Memory mapped files: mmap, msync, munmap, mprotect
> -  Vectored i/o : readv, writev
> -  UNIX98 pseudottys: ptsname, granpt
> -  File tree walking: nftw, ftw
> -  Logging functions: syslog,closelog,openlog
> -  Context functions: makecontext, setcontext
> We are now starting the beta test activity to try this testset out
> on as many different distributions as possible and to integrate it
> with the other testsets so far developed. If you have feedback
> please send it to lsb-test@linuxbase.org.
> regards
> Andrew
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