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RE: gettext functions

All well documented
> > in the glibc manpages,
> Those are not a specification...

I know, I know!
> > in the glibc manpages, dgettext is gettext with
> > an extra argument, a pointer to the message
> > domain (in gettext this is suplied by a previous
> > call to textdomain, instead of an explicit
> > argument).
> Lacking a proper specification to point to, we need to 
> include the description in the LSB itself.

The point was we've swallowed most of a set of
functions which share the same shortcoming, there's
not much point in leaving some out - either pull
in the missing bits, and if necessary, write up
a manpage, or toss 'em all out. Incomplete confuses
configuration scripts (and maybe humans, too?) which 
either test for the missing one and assume none are 
available, or test for a present one and assume 
that the rest are present.

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