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Re: LSB packages

On Wed, Jul 18, 2001 at 05:05:30PM -0700, Stoughton, Nick wrote:
> What is missing is a definition of "LSB-Compliant package" ... we have a
> definition of "LSB-Compliant Application", but in my mind a package is more
> than an application (although the terms seem to be a little mixed up,
> suggesting that maybe I'm wrong ...)

There is a difference; LSB compliant applications don't have to be
packed using an LSB-Compliant package.  If some company wants to
continue to using the same installer that they use on all of their
other Unix platforms, they're free to do that, as long as the
installation program is an LSB compliant application.  

But if they choose to package the application using the LSB-Compliant
packaging format, LSB-complaint distributions will provide some tool
which will allow those packages to be installed.  This allows the user
to manage the software using the distribution's native packaging

					- Ted

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