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ANN: LSB-FHS2.2beta test suite now available

hi All
The beta release of the LSB-FHS test suite for FHS2.2, for the
filesystem hierarchy aspects of the Linux Standard Base
is now available from
(the sourceforge server is giving us problems)

The key files to download are:

We are keen to receive as much feedback as possible on this release
and plan to make an update at the end of the month.
The test suite only takes 20 minutes or less to configure install and run.
Please send any feedback to lsb-test@linuxbase.org.

This release aligns with the FHS version 2.2 specification. There
are seven new tests added over previous releases. See the revised
test specification include in the MAN directory for further information
on the detailed changes with this release.

No claims of compliance should be made at this stage, this is still
beta software, subject to change.

best regards

Andrew Josey
The Open Group

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