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Re: [Freestandards-ldps] lpr subset standard wanted

gk4@us.ibm.com writes:

> Per your request regarding print spooling.
> [...]
> So CUPS has in common with the others only:
> -l = binary data - do not filter
> -p = format with pr
> -Pprinter - send output to printer
> -h = suppress header page
> -s = use symbolic link to file - compatability only on LPRng, CUPS
> -#copies
> -C class = Class for burst page
> -J jobname = job name for burst page
> -T title - title for pr

Thanks Jim.  Given the support for CUPS, my inclination would be to
base any LDPS recommendation for printing on the above (smallest)
subset of lpr functionality.  There are a few options I might miss,
but nothing that applications really need to put on the command line

And I would also drop -C and -s from the list and include a strong
recommendation to add options in a dialog box.

Any comments?

- Dan

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