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Re: [Freestandards-ldps] lpr subset standard wanted

> Thanks Jim.  Given the support for CUPS, my inclination would be to
> base any LDPS recommendation for printing on the above (smallest)
> subset of lpr functionality.  There are a few options I might miss,
> but nothing that applications really need to put on the command line
> automatically.

I suspect we should leave -m in but document that it might do nothing. Thats

> And I would also drop -C and -s from the list and include a strong
> recommendation to add options in a dialog box.

You need -s to print large files on many setups, and tools do use it knowing
that its a good polite way to do printing. Granted lprng etc dont care but
they ignore it so its ok.

CUPS I suspect is about to become considerably less relevant for the short
term. Nevertheless the options it drops are the bizarre ones like troff
support and I see no reason to disagree with the proposal to not document
stuff that the others have but it lacks.

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