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Re: Package System specification

On Thu, Apr 13, 2000 at 09:37:29PM -0700, David Cantrell wrote:
> Hello,
>    As for the package format specification, I'd like to propose that it
> be dropped.  Instead, a common installed-software database and package
> naming scheme be proposed instead.  This way, each distribution can keep
> the packaging system they like and we offer some level of compatibility
> between the distributions.

I believe it is vital for the lsb project that there be a package format,
with capabilities beyound that of tar. We want to build a shrink-wrap
market, for Linux, so that customers can go to a shop and buy a product
that will install on every LSB-compliant Linux. The data format for these
binary products then must be standardized. 

Keld Simonsen

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