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Re: Package System specification

On Thu, Apr 13, 2000 at 10:32:12PM -0700, David Cantrell wrote:
> If a standard tool should be adopted for LSB-compliant systems, then
> the tool should be as simple as possible to avoid compatibility
> problems between distributions.  RPM is nice in some respects, but
> does a lot of things that make it difficult to support under non-RPM
> based distributions.

  Maybe you could share with us what those things are. If there are really
  features in rpm that make life too difficult for other non rpm-based
  distributions to support, then a LSB-compliant rpm could support a subset of
  the current rpm capabilities. I think this is a much more reasonable solution
  then to simply drop rpm and go for a yet-to-be-invented tool.

- gwm

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