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Package System specification


   I was reading through the 0.1 written spec on www.linuxbase.org and
came to the section talking about software installation.  It stated
that the current plan was to go with RPM as a package format.  Those
who didn't like that were to propose an alternative.

   Well, I'd like to propose an alternative.  :)

   First off, I agree with standards specification.  It's something that
should be done so that commercial vendors and end users won't go nuts
moving between distributions.  But, I don't think it's necessary to specify

   As for the package format specification, I'd like to propose that it
be dropped.  Instead, a common installed-software database and package
naming scheme be proposed instead.  This way, each distribution can keep
the packaging system they like and we offer some level of compatibility
between the distributions.

   I'd like to get a discussion about this going, so please followup.  :)
Also, I apologize if this has been discussed in great detail before. I'm
still reading the list archives and haven't quite caught up yet.

   David Cantrell | david@slackware.com
                  | Slackware Linux Project

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