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Re: Package System specification

>    As for the package format specification, I'd like to propose that it
> be dropped.  Instead, a common installed-software database and package
> naming scheme be proposed instead.  This way, each distribution can keep
> the packaging system they like and we offer some level of compatibility
> between the distributions.

What file format do I put on my CD. I want the tools for it and I need to know
to the byte what is there and it must then work with every LSB compliant
box for that architecture (or all archs if it has no binaries).

We need a single file format. The intent of specifying a file format not a
tool set was that people wouldnt always want to turn their entire distribution
into the LSB format. By specifying a file format only its acceptable to
import an LSB format package, reprocess it (eg with alien) and install it
in native format and manageable with native tools for the distribution.


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