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Re: Status of my submissions

On Jan 3, 11:41am in "Re: Status of my sub", Jim Kingdon wrote:
> > Now forgive my ignorance about passwddb, but what is being used
> > for the command line user and group admininstrative interface?
> If memory serves, we very briefly mentioned this in New York.  Various
> standards committees have worked on things like useradd and adduser in
> the past but if memory serves those drafts never made it to standards.
The useradd and groupadd utilities were standardized in
POSIX 1387.3-1996 IEEE Standard for Information Technology-Portable
Operating System Interface (POSIX®) System-Part 3: User and Group
Account Administration

Its basically derived from the SVR4 useradd/usermod and groupadd/groupmod
utilities and their relations.
Redhat has shipped these for a couple of releases.


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