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Re: Comments: Draft spec and package format/naming

> > speacking with a good friend of mine, Italo Lisi, who knows almost all
> > Unix flavours, we thougt that would be better if an upgrade package is
> > unpacked in a reserved directory, and then the system manager can test,
> > and committ the upgrade if satisfied, otherway come back to the
> > initial status. an other way would be reserv a backup space, so that
> > id i'm unsatisfied of the new software i can downgrade. naturally running
> > the package manager i should be able to choose if i want
> > an immediat commit or have a backup.
> This wouldn't work with a binary package which had hardcoded paths, eg to load
> a conf file from /etc.  However, could you work around this by invoking it
> with a wrapper which did a chroot to, for example, /var/test ?

Err, no.  Then /var/test would have to have a complete set of libraries
and whatnot to run the package, too.

With RPM, if packages are built properly, reverting back to the older
version of the RPM you had installed should work fine anyway (i.e. it
should preserve config files and such).


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