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Re: Comments: Draft spec and package format/naming

> speacking with a good friend of mine, Italo Lisi, who knows almost all
> Unix flavours, we thougt that would be better if an upgrade package is
> unpacked in a reserved directory, and then the system manager can test,
> and committ the upgrade if satisfied, otherway come back to the
> initial status. an other way would be reserv a backup space, so that
> id i'm unsatisfied of the new software i can downgrade. naturally running
> the package manager i should be able to choose if i want
> an immediat commit or have a backup.

This wouldn't work with a binary package which had hardcoded paths, eg to load
a conf file from /etc.  However, could you work around this by invoking it
with a wrapper which did a chroot to, for example, /var/test ?


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