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Unidentified subject!

In my opinion Linux Standard should conform to Unix98 as a base,
but we should consider that linux is something bigger for applications
and so on. Unix98 is not as smart as we need. but all distributions
must accept the standard. actually a company makes a product,
this product is ported to linux, but they really do
not know much about linux, the make a port for a distribution, i.e.
Red Hat, or in Europe SuSE, normally as an rpm, that is BADLY WRONG,
except for (as example), red hat specific packages, made by red hat
itself, a third part package, like legato networker or xni and
so on, should be installable on all linux distributions, it' a
question of freedom for the users.
i don't care about libc version, history is moving to glibc2.1,
(sig old darling libc5).
i care about init files, and the directory tree, (/usr/local vs /opt),
and setup files. we should provide a real standard for it, and
to Unix98 for devices and so on.
at the end we should set up a sample machine, not a distribution, but
a standard sample machine for developers to log on. there are
scolar institutions like Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa
or similar that will be happy to provvide a pc to make the
sample machine on theyr net, (this is of course my opinion, but
the sample machine should not stay phisically on the net of a 
distributor, i do prefer Universities).
Luigi Genoni

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