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Re: LSB Commands and Utilities, Draft proposal

On Tue, Jul 06, 1999 at 10:41:29AM -0400, Stuart Anderson wrote:
> My PERSONAL opinion is that Linux should continue to move towards UNIX98.
> Please do not confuse this with what the LSB will standardize. The latter
> will be determined by a community, not me by myself.

IEEE, TOG and ISO is now in the process of specifying the "common
UNIX/POSIX" - I think the goal for Linux should be to target that 

The "common UNIX/POSIX" (which is not necessarly the final name) will be 
one set of documents hopefully issued by all three organizations, as
identical documents. The set will be specifiying all POSIX/UNIX
functionality in an upwards compatible way with current ISO/IEEE/TOG


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