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Re: PROPOSAL: init file actions

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

>> restart
>>      stop and restart the service,

> What if the service isn't already running? No op? Start the service?
> Either, depending on what's easier to code?

Start it with a warning.  The expected end result is the same that

> What format is this in? Free form, or one of "started" "stopped", or
> something different?

I'd suggest a standardized form, like:

  <script-name>: <standardized message>: <optional detail>
> What should the behaviour be if the script is run by an unpriveleged
> user?  Fail obscurely, or should scripts check for uid 0?

Fail non-obscurely.  "status" should work for users if possible.
> What should happen with environment variables of the owner are weird,
> for example PATH not including /usr/sbin, should the init scripts pass
> that on, or revert them to something reasonable?

Up to the init script?  Smart init scripts will use their own path and
environment.  Require that or provide a way to set the environment?

- Dan

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