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Re: PROPOSAL: init file actions

On Fri, 2 Apr 1999, Daniel Quinlan wrote:

> Init files should ensure that they will behave sensibly if invoked
> with start when the service is already running, or with stop when it
> isn't, and that they don't kill unfortunately-named user processes. The
> best way to achieve this is usually to use start-stop-daemon [1].

I'd like this to be better specified. I'd suggest that if "start" is used
for a service which is already running, the script complain as this really
is an error condition.

> These executable files should not fail obscurely when the configuration
> files remain but the package has been removed, as the default in [the
> packaging system] is to leave configuration files on the system after
> the package has been removed.  Only when it is executed with the

You're setting packaging system policy here; this really is not the place. RPM
only leaves modified config files in place after a package removal.


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