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Re: PROPOSAL: standard run levels (draft 1)

Robert Current <rob@current.nu> writes:

> One possability: Find the most common run levels in all Linux
> distributions, and leave those in place.  Then shuffle the rest of
> them to fit.  For example, if all distributions use 5 for xdm, then
> keep 5 as xdm (but Debian doesn't use it that way).  If five
> distributions have the same run level 4, keep it... etc.

I think this is the best option.  If anyone has info on other
distributions (Caldera, Pacific Hitech, etc.), please go ahead and
post it.

> The second possability...
> Structure it logically.
> Shutdown and Reboot right next to eachother
> UnNetworked next to each other
> Networked together

Hmmm... I don't think this a good option.  Run levels 0 (halt) and 6
(reboot) are pretty much carved in stone, at least in documentation
and the minds of system administrators.  A significant number of
people reboot systems using "init 6", for example.
> Then, now that I think about it, there is a third possability.  Survey
> commercial UNIX's, and see what they have most common, and use that?

Well, I also looked at Solaris.  Linux is much more important.
- Dan

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