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RE: [Lsb-appbat] ia32 machine types in nALFS

> the more I think about this it seems like something like:
> <cond type="arch">
>     <case value="ia32">
>     </case>
>     <case value="ia64">
>     </case>
>     <default>
>     </default>
> </cond>
> is the more correct choice.  We just have to add the logic to 
> nALFS to choose the right tag matching the value parameter.
> Dynamically adding xml tags will cause pain, that is not how 
> xml is supposed to work.

This does sound cleaner. Should the last one maybe be

<case value="default"> ???

Note that the problem described earlier would still
exist, unless the logic is extended either to
recognize <case> in an appropriate way, or provide a 
handler routine for <case> (it doesn't care what
it does, it just cares that there's a case_main somewhere).

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