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RE: [Lsb-appbat] New nALFS features

> entities are parsed outside of the xml.  Think of it like a compiler.
> read entities (i.e. run precompiler)
> parse xml
> as i commented in another thread, xml is static, forcing a 
> dynamic nature will 
> require more work.  What will likely have to happen is a 
> lsb_dynlinker_ia64 
> entity and in the code where the entity is used you could 
> wrap in it <cond>.
> <cond test="arch">
>     <ia64>
>     &lsb_dynlinker_ia64;
>     </ia64>
>     <default>
>     &lsb_dynlinker;
>     </default>
> </cond>

I think we can work with this...

As to the other part, I don't want to go too far down the
path, but there is a mechanism for updating an element
now, through the editor.  I know that's not strictly
"runtime", but if I understand, at that point everything's
already parsed so it's not too different.

Anyway, I think there's another way to work the other
thing I was thinking about, I just have to wrap my
brain around the logic... namely, if the phase4x build
locations are mounted on a common path, then the individual
package xml files don't need to know anything about it. 

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