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Re: [Lsb-appbat] New nALFS features

On Thursday 12 September 2002 13:02, Wichmann, Mats D wrote:
> The harder problem is that it doesn't apply everywhere
> in the tree, I can't do this without getting bitter
> syntax errors:
> <cond test="arch">
>   <ia64>
>     <!ENTITY lsb_dynlinker "ld-lsb-ia64.so.1">
>   </ia64>
>   <xxx>
>     <!ENTITY lsb_dynlinker "ld-lsb-ia64.so.1">
>   </xxx>
> </cond>

entities are parsed outside of the xml.  Think of it like a compiler.

read entities (i.e. run precompiler)
parse xml

as i commented in another thread, xml is static, forcing a dynamic nature will 
require more work.  What will likely have to happen is a lsb_dynlinker_ia64 
entity and in the code where the entity is used you could wrap in it <cond>.

<cond test="arch">

Yes, it is ugly.  But the only other choice is a real precompiler which writes 
out entities which the xml parser then uses.

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