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RE: [Lsb-appbat] New nALFS features

> 2) A new conditional node. Initially, the only test type 
> supported is "arch".
> 	This can be used to seperate architecture specific 
> areas, such as
> 	applying a patch or even building something. Future 
> test types will
> 	include "fexists" to test for the existance of a file.

Unfortunately, ENOWORK

first off, there's a core dump in parameters.c/parameter_exists
due to walking the parameter table looking for a NULL value 
as a terminator, but there's no NULL terminator. That's an easy 
fix to elements.h - and may be a generic bug that just wasn't
tickled before.

The harder problem is that it doesn't apply everywhere
in the tree, I can't do this without getting bitter
syntax errors:

<cond test="arch">
    <!ENTITY lsb_dynlinker "ld-lsb-ia64.so.1">
    <!ENTITY lsb_dynlinker "ld-lsb-ia64.so.1">

Finally, it doesn't actually seem to work.  I'm going
to play with it some more, but it didn't seem to have
any effect when I included an ia64 element of the
type above, in a place where it isn't a syntax error...

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