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Re: updated entity checker

On Thursday 12 September 2002 07:13, Wichmann, Mats D wrote:
> The latest entity checker now has the option
> of checking md5 sums against a saved checklist
> (I added one as extras/md5sums), or to generate such
> a checklist if asked to.  Only "found" entities -
> listed in the package file and also in the
> package or patch directory - participate in
> the checksumming, which is off by default.
> The logic should hopefully be right now for
> both split package and patch directories
> (as in the app battery) and combined (as in
> the LSB-si), so the same tool can be shared.

what is the intent of the following code:

if package_path == patch_path:
    filecheck(package_path, known_packages + known_patches)
    filecheck(package_path, known_packages)
    sumfail + filecheck(patch_path, known_patches)

sumfail is never actually assigned to anywhere and is never used afterwards.

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