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RE: LSB-si status

> A new phase4 will construct up to three different
> release bundles that can be used for platform testing.
> Some of these bundles may not be applicable to all
> architectures.

Faugh, I'm not used to being on an always-on connection
where the message goes out right away.  To continue,
I believe these to be:

syslogd - needed for syslog testing (sysklogd package?)
telnetd - needed to provide a way to "log in" (4a/chroot
     only; comes from various places, core package could
     be the netkit-telnet stuff)
mke2fs, tune2fs - needed to make the nospace filesystem
     file used by the testing.  There may be another way
     to provide this, but it's needed anyway for a bootable
     version since e2fsck is needed (e2fsprogs package)
script to set up /etc/fstab for the chroot based on
     the underlying system (maybe also needed for UML?)
     We need to write this one.
pax - need an LSB-conforming pax program

Some of these can be provided as installable rpms 
through the app-battery, I'm not sure it's decided
which will be which.  Some of the packages do have 
enough dependencies that they're quite hard to build 
fully LSB conforming (telnetd and e2fsprogs are probably
impossible without major surgery).


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