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LSB-si status

Here's an update reflecting "future plans" as I
thought I understood them.

Phase3 will be scrutinized and cleaned of any
further things found not to be needed by the LSB
spec so that the output of this phase is the
minimal set.  At the least, this will involve
dropping the kernel build from the phase 3.

It will add a package "lsb" which will provide misc. 
files not provided by any of the packages but
required by the LSB (for example, install_initd
and remove_initd), and which, when installed, will
also mean the RPM database will be correctly
initialized and will provide the required "lsb"

A new phase4 will construct up to three different
release bundles that can be used for platform testing.
Some of these bundles may not be applicable to all

4a:  adds programs and files which are necessary to 
run the test suites in a pure chroot environment

4b:  adds a kernel and startup scripts to make a
bootable distribution.

4c:  adds  necessary support to run using User Mode
Linux (confusingly referred to by the acronym UML
which to most of us means something quite different).
User Mode Linux is only well-supported under ia32;
there's been some porting work on a ppc version but
the prospects don't look too good at the moment and
the ia64 version is considered "moribund" (sheesh).

This means that there will essentially be four release
bundles for each architecture.

Currently I don't have a really good feel that we've
dealt with all the architecture-indpendence issues yet.

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