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RE: Running appbat pkgs in LSB-si

> >
> >1. Part of the test requires an internet-connected host.
> >   Not sure if that's okay, just mentioning it (FVT 2,3)
> I guess we could make those tests optional, but is it 
> realistic that a real
> runtime environment will not have an internet connection? 
> If so, then having rsync isn't really interesting.

Yes to the first question.  *Test* systems - the ones that
are used for certification - are often pretty carefully 
controlled, e.g. may be located in a semi-isolated lab with 
limited opportunities to be gatewayed out onto the internet.
Which doesn't mean they don't have *network* connectivity,
and would still find rsync useful to pull data, perhaps
from another test system, the tester's home machine, etc.

> >2. When contacting the rsyncd running inside the LSB-si,
> >   an error comes back about an invalid user ID 'nobody'.
> Should we have the fvt instructions for rsync create the 
> 'nobody' user if it doesn't already exist?

Possibly.  I'll take a look sometime when I stop wasting
my time writing reports (uh, I hope nobody from Intel
is listening to that seditious comment).

Apache seemed to want 'nobody', too.

Of course just about any Linux system in the world, as
well as Solaris and anything else that has ever considered
running NFS has a "nobody" user, but that doesn't mean
we could sneak it into the LSB spec... sigh.  Anyway,
it's likely to only be a problem for very restricted

I know, let's let Stuart come up with an answer for this one :-)

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