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Re: [Lsb-appbat] RE: Running appbat pkgs in LSB-si

On Wed, 7 Aug 2002, Wichmann, Mats D wrote:

> Apache seemed to want 'nobody', too.
> Of course just about any Linux system in the world, as
> well as Solaris and anything else that has ever considered
> running NFS has a "nobody" user, but that doesn't mean
> we could sneak it into the LSB spec... sigh.  Anyway,
> it's likely to only be a problem for very restricted
> environments.
> I know, let's let Stuart come up with an answer for this one :-)

Ummm.. it's late enough that I can claim to be sleep walking if I have to
back out of this one 8-), but it seems like nobody would be pretty safe to
add. It is already in the list of optional username anyway. The big issue
with users was that we had assigned a UID value to bin, which is not
implemented with a consistant value.


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