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RE: Running appbat pkgs in LSB-si

>1. Part of the test requires an internet-connected host.
>   Not sure if that's okay, just mentioning it (FVT 2,3)

I guess we could make those tests optional, but is it realistic that a real
runtime environment will not have an internet connection? If so, then
having rsync isn't really interesting.

>2. When contacting the rsyncd running inside the LSB-si,
>   an error comes back about an invalid user ID 'nobody'.

Should we have the fvt instructions for rsync create the 'nobody' user if
it doesn't already exist?

>3. As mentioned elsewhere, the config file for an LSB
>   conforming application really shouldn't be /etc/rsyncd.conf
>   if we're going to follow our own rules.  I don't think
>   we ever thought of that....

Oops! I guess you are right about this. Instead it should be



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