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RE: Running appbat pkgs in LSB-si

> lsb-apache:
> (1) No user 'nobody' in the LSB-si.  The
> package ought not to assume a particular user,
> it ought to use a likely-unique username and create
> that user on pkg install (and remove it on
> pkg removal). That was on my TODO list once,
> before we switched to the new nALFS-based build 
> and I dropped it. Created manually.
> (2) Warning message, "Could not determine the
> server's fully qualified domain name, using
> for ServerName". 
> Summary: appbat package is okay, but probably 
> ought to create the user that apache runs under.

hmm, perhaps we should have 'nobody'.

> lsb-rsync:
> (1) Able to contact a remote rsync server, once I
> set one up.  We should probably add instructions
> for doing so; or alternatively, have the pkg set
> up a way for the system under test to act as the
> server.  Remember rsync's default transport is
> to use rsh, which is not supported by the LSB,
> and thus not available in the LSB-si.
> Summary: rsync package is okay, but probably
> ought to set up to run a local rsync server
> (needs to create an rsyncd.conf for this) and
> have the FVT include a step for starting the
> server, since it won't be started on demand
> from xinted/inetd like on a "normal system".

rsync is required by the standard so it is already installed, no need to
install it again (-:

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