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Running appbat pkgs in LSB-si

I've tested the three certification packages
inside the LSB-si/ia32.  I don't necessarily
have the most current packages, I'll update myself
soon, but I wanted to get the test done now
that the LSB-si itself is down to zero failures.

(1) can't find X libraries, LSB-si issue, need
to update /etc/ld.so.conf, which currently
contains /usr/local/lib (which it need not),
and not /usr/X11R6/lib (which it needs.
Manually defining LD_LIBRARY_PATH resolves.

(2) can't contact Xserver.  There's no Xserver
in the LSB-si.  I can use an IP address to a
remove X server a xpaint binary comes up.

Summary:  small problem in LSB-si; appbat
binary appears okay.

(1) No user 'nobody' in the LSB-si.  The
package ought not to assume a particular user,
it ought to use a likely-unique username and create
that user on pkg install (and remove it on
pkg removal). That was on my TODO list once,
before we switched to the new nALFS-based build 
and I dropped it. Created manually.

(2) Warning message, "Could not determine the
server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName". 

Summary: appbat package is okay, but probably 
ought to create the user that apache runs under.

(1) Able to contact a remote rsync server, once I
set one up.  We should probably add instructions
for doing so; or alternatively, have the pkg set
up a way for the system under test to act as the
server.  Remember rsync's default transport is
to use rsh, which is not supported by the LSB,
and thus not available in the LSB-si.

Summary: rsync package is okay, but probably
ought to set up to run a local rsync server
(needs to create an rsyncd.conf for this) and
have the FVT include a step for starting the
server, since it won't be started on demand
from xinted/inetd like on a "normal system".

In all, the results are pretty good, I think.


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