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RE: [Lsb-CommonPackaging] Re: extension of lsb packages

Title: RE: [Lsb-CommonPackaging] Re: extension of lsb packages

Which is why I'm trying to get a new standard that says "here's an api. With this, ANY packaging program can talk to ANY distro package database and query it".

Bingo. All packaging problems solved. You can run any installer on top of any distro and check dependencies, log the fact that you've installed stuff, etc etc. The trouble with current install mechanisms is that they are installer, DBMS, packager, and god knows what else all stuffed into one bundle. If we separate the separate functions into separate tools like all good linusers do, then the problem gets a lot simpler.

Of course, the fly in the ointment is this becomes a "standard creating" exercise, rather than the current "codifying existing standards" exercise and there'll be horrendous politics. But if you think about it, the proposed approach will work perfectly, even with an ISV who wishes to create a totally proprietary, obscured to the hilt, 100% totally self owned code, setup.exe to run on a lsb-compliant system, AND IT WILL WORK. If we can address and allow for that setup, it then makes it easy for every one else to be far more sharing and co-operative.

Think about it. Email me off line. It's on-topic for LSB 2, but we're not supposed to be discussing it for LSB 1.


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I think the main problem here is that the taskforce was attempting to create a standard for packaging.  What really needs to happen here is for the Linux Community (and perhaps even other groups like Sun, HP, IBM, HP, Apple, and *BSD) to come up with a BETTER packaging solution than what we have.  It's our job to document de facto standards and best working practice as well defined, testable, certifiable standards.  Facilitating industry to make these kinds of advancements, while a bit out of our scope, would be nice.  Making a new standard from scratch is a doomed path.



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