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Re: extension of lsb packages

>>"George" == George Kraft IV <gk4@austin.ibm.com> writes:

 George> Let me try to answer the last set of questions.
 George> 1) the name space issue is with respect to package names (not
 George>    RPM v3 file names); therefore, the need to get LANANA
 George>    online is important.

	You want  LANANA to determine package names for Linux packages?

 George> 2) changing the rpm file format to determine if it is an LSB
 George>    package is a design issue.  I *restarted* the lsb
 George>    packaging taskforce  a year ago.  That team was to outline
 George>    what could be used among the lsb distributions today
 George>    (least common denominator), and they were to produce a
 George>    comprehensive design for *everyone* to migrate to for
 George>    future packaging.

	And you really expect a task force to come up with a
 ``comprehensive design'' of a packaging solution every one will
 migrate to? In this Millennium?

 George> ; however, I want to avoid enhancements like ".lsb" 
 George> without a comprehensive design.  There needs to be a full
 George> design, proposal, and acceptance (in the community and lsb)
 George> before doing anything like ".lsb".

	This is the most ossified project I have ever seen, and I have
 been involved in a number of US government projects in my time.

 George> I hope this helps clarify the "*lsb*" naming issues.

	I think it does. This is the clearest indication I have seen
 that the LSB is essentially dead, bogged down in bureaucratic morass,
 and not to be considered seriously until something changes. Too bad,
 we really needed something like the LSB.

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