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Re: man pages

> > LSB's ... mission ... is creation of _Barely Enough_
> if that is the position of the LSB...

Perhaps someone active in the LSB will confirm this.

> > expansion of this mission right now would be highly inappropriate.
> I disagree on the point of not being allowed to change the [mission]
> ... because it has been worked on for years.  ... not a good argument.

Agreed, that would be a stupid argument. But that was not my
argument. First, I was talking about a drastic expansion of the
mission (adding stuff that the LSB think would be good, rather
than stuff that is necessary, as dictated solely by either pure
technical issues, or non-controversial demands by distros and
ISVs), not a slight change. Second, I was talking about debate
_right now_. Let them get LSB 1 settled, then consider where
the LSB goes from there.

The LSB should be trying to get as much of the distro and ISV
community to adopt LSB 1.0 as possible, and to do so as
happily as possible. Every little extra mandated piece might
cost some adoption and/or happiness. (Consider the gal with
her own net based radio broadcasting linux distro; is she going
to make her distro LSB compliant? Is she going to be happy
having to generate a load of dummy man pages just so she can
get her distro compliant? Perhaps she doesn't care to do this,
or it doesn't matter if she tries and fails. Perhaps only bigger
distros will care or try. But where is the cutoff point? Better to be
as inclusive as is reasonably possible, then go from there.)

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