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Re: man pages

The following is all aiui; I'm not involved in the LSB.

> The LSB's purpose is "to enable a uniform industry standard

Yes, but I think you have the wrong interpretation of those words.
The LSB's current, and by default permanent, mission, is creation of
_Barely Enough_ of _Common Ground_ so that ISVs can create a
single binary that installs and runs without fatal error on multiple
distributions. And NOTHING MORE.

Debating expansion of this mission right now would be highly
inappropriate. It was chosen several years ago by those participating
and making it happen, and they have yet to fully deliver on this limited
mission (though they are apparently getting close).

Note that the phrase "Linux Standard Base" does not mean that LSB
incorporates or aspires to incorporate all or indeed ANY standards
or ANY good practices. In general, to the extent the LSB does
incorporate standards, and does incorporate good practices, it does
so because there was something that MUST (not SHOULD) be done
to get Barely Enough, and an existing standard or standard of practice
was deemed the appropriate solution. Again, in general, if a standard
existed that was acceptable to enough distributions and seemed
good enough for ISVs, then the LSB team tried to use that standard
or a modification thereof.


I would expect the foregoing to be pretty clear to those in the LSB and
as clear as mud to those from outside, mostly because of expectations.

I so wish the LSB folk woke up to fact that words matter and that the
name LSB, while perfectly adequate as the name of the project and
the associated technical spec, is very wrong for general consumption
(due to several things, but first and foremost its extreme ambiguity;
please see my past posts for more on this) and is going to create
endless confusion, such as the expectations that Jan has.

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