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Re: Time to fight for our beloved DEB format!

> When I've mentioned about incompabilities between
> distros then I've mentioned about not only packaging
> format. I can only repeat that you expect to much if you
> think that common packaging format is the only problem
> of differences between distros.
> Please try to use something different than RH, i.e. Debian.

I totally agree with you. There's a LOT more to cross distro
compatibility than the package format and manager! A
whole heck of a lot!!

What would be cool would be if someone came up
with a project specifically targetted at this much larger
problem: cross-distro compatibility! Actually, this should
have been started years ago, but never mind.

I hereby put out a call for an initiative to do this. To begin
to put flesh on this, I suggest the following draft opening to
a mission statement for this effort:

    The goal is to develop and promote a set of standards
    that will increase compatibility among Linux distributions
    and enable software applications to run on any compliant
    Linux system.

Anyone interested? Mariusz?

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