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Re: Time to fight for our beloved DEB format!

On Sunday 01 July 2001 18:29, Timothy H. Keitt wrote:
> Instead of having, for example, WordPerfect for RedHat,
> WordPerfect for Debian, WordPerfect for YourDistributionHere, you simply
> have WordPerfect for LSB. 

I am sorry but it will be not work in this case because you may have WP for 
LSB for RH vX, WP for LSB for Debian vX etc. etc (every time the same version 
of WP).

The unified packaging format can not solve problems with some applications in 
some Linux distros automagically but may only cause additonal problems for 
people who try to install and use packages from different distros in the same 

Mariusz Przygodzki

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