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Please forward to the concerned person

18 May, 2001

Linux Standard Base


Sub: Writing articles based on Linux

We have just visited your site and compliment you on the services 
offered. Your site hosts a lot of articles and ?how-tos? about Linux. As 
the number of users and admirers of Linux increase every day, the need 
for information, such as on your site also increases. 

We at VANS Information Ltd. have also been a part of this revolution for 
quite some time now. We have been contributing articles to sites such as 
yours, which strive to increase the awareness and expertise in Linux.  
The content we create includes articles and abstraction services.

We will be glad to offer similar services to you as well.  We believe 
that our services will be of great help to you in adding valuable 
articles to your site at costs that are lower than what prevail in other 
parts of the globe, without of course, impacting quality. 

We are a content and data services company based in India.  We have been 
in publishing for the last 76 years.

As you may be aware, outsourcing to India is growing at a phenomenal rate 
as India offers the advantage of skilled workforce, well versed with 
English language, at relatively competitive rates.
We create content, as per client?s specifications, on various subject 
areas such as education, business, computers, arts, travel, fashion, 
literature, and many other subjects.

We also offer services of content/data management including 
classification, conversion, digitization, cleaning of data/images, etc. 

We have been rendering similar services to Encyclopædia Britannica, 
McKinsey, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Standard Chartered Bank and others.

Attached is a copy of our profile, which gives names of some of our 
clients along with the details of our services, and information on our 

We will be very happy to work with you and do hope that you will revert 
to us as to how and where we can start. 

Look forward to hearing from you,

With regards,

Romauld Francis

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