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Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: /bin/lsb_release V1.3

> > 
> > I noticed the lsb_release output is unnecessarily hard to parse: even
> > if I explicitly request a single value it insists on using 
> > "key: value" output, which means I need to strip it manually. Can
> > we consider changing it to be more like uname?
> How about if a single value is to be returned then the 'key:' part is
> dropped, otherwise the current behaviour is preserved. This would seem
> to me to be less likely to cause problems in the future if lsb_release
> changes what '-a' returns and also avoids problems with spaces in
> fields.

Dominique Massonie (who wrote lsb_release) has pointed out that the
current version already implements a '-s' flag which results in uname
like behaviour. Scripts can use this flag to make it easier to parse,
whilst the default behaviour is easier for humans to interpret.

If there are no objections, then the current behaviour will be kept.

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