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An idea for tracking software install...


	In me travels around the *nix world I have noticed the little
install program that is often used to deploy software from a build tree.
Common practice it seems. Now what if a small mod was made so that it
logged the installs to a flat file database for later perusal, and
politely ask developers to refrain from using cp to install software
from a source tree. That way, a user can refer back to the install logs
to identify what has been loaded into a system...

	I note that a fair number of open source packages use install
regularly, it fits the job well, and when tweaked, could become a
really useful tool for system management.

	Hrrrm, add a linkable library to the package and a decent
reporting system and an X client or two and hrrmm...

	Ill get back to you shortly.

Cheers Mik.

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